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Was scared today when I saw this, the trunk door was left open and thought the dogs would fall out when the truck drives off. Was fixed after I told the driver that it was open.
Richard Rawlins studio sale happening now on #3 Stewart Dale, Lady Chancellor.  (at Cascade, St. Ann’s.)
All packed and ready to go to it’s new owner! Goodbye #mouldedmemories we had good times together! Hope you create new memories with your new owner!  (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Remember the good old days of #HiLo? #trinidad #tbt
My brand new tee from the cool Jabari Daniels! Loving this #illustration! #trinidad #art #graffiti
All the brothers shown in the Trinidad Sunday Guardian, from the opening of my show.  (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Always a good day to go to the beach! Thanks @generalzia for the invite! Good luck with everything! (at Blanchisseuse)
Had a great time with great people around on a Friday night! (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Friday night shenanigans with @honzlsperger! Now you know where I get my inspiration from!   (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Got a surprise visit from Leroy Clarke himself and got great feedback of my work.
This is for Kieran Khan @instagrammatoncleric who was not able to come to my exhibition because he is recovering from surgery but I know you wanted to, so I made this just for you! Get better soon! (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Thank you #cocobel for my handmade #chocolate lollypop! (at Medulla Art Gallery)
Someone is having a nice nap! @ryan_huggins  (at Freeport Central Trinidad)
The #boy and his #dog sharing #adventures together! @arnaldojj  (at Freeport Central Trinidad)
Eating my catch of the day!! #cherry #trinidad #fruit